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West Coaster’s bear with me; Midwesterners please be patient.  I know what I am about to say is SO a decade-old for yall, but here I go.  I am excited about craft brewing!!!  This industry is less than 5 years old to my wonderful city, and the momentum is not slowing. While I love beer, my excitement stems from the contribution these businesses are having on the US economy.

Two years ago I was given the awesome opportunity to help open a local brewery.  While I spend most my time in the back office, I can feel the energy.  The smells, employees, fork-lifts, tanks, patrons, all exude positive energy.  What makes craft breweries so exciting?  I came up with a few thoughts:

  1. “Love not War” – While their ingredients may be special, expensive, and exotic, I can promise you blood is not being shed over them.  It is a peaceful product which if you hang around long enough…. will make you smile.  Take that diamonds!
  2. BRIC, be gone – During the last 5 years, the U.S. has taken a slight beating from Brazil, Russia, India, and China.  I meant to say the U.S. (minus) the craft brewing industry.  Communism and slave labor can’t intrude.
  3. Ingredients – This one is my opinion; well actually; all of these are my opinion, but especially this one.  The luscious, succulent ingredients craft breweries are using don’t interest the big boys.  Why should InBev purchase breweries using expensive German hops when they can continue to sell us the watered down, rice filled, cheap crap?   Economics 101 folks: the big boys understand their space.
  4. Communities – Who doesn’t crave a little community in their life? Every time a craft brewery opens, a new community is born.  Whether you lean on the brewery for an afternoon pint or host a fundraiser in the taproom, it brings people together to help a local cause.

Craft Breweries are here to stay.  The economic development they bring to cities is awesome and communities love them.  This excitement is why I love to serve the industry.


6 Comments on "Craft Brewing"

  1. Kevin McCoy says:

    Aaah, nothing better than a good craft beer. I’m glad you are serving this niche and helping it grow. The less watered down beer the better!

  2. Joel Ungar says:

    Michigan has a fabulous craft beer industry and that is about all I buy either for home or when in restaurants; I avoid mass market beers whenever possible. I always look for local craft beers when I travel – the Delta Club at Atlanta Hartsfield has SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale on tap – local and fabulous.

    Our big concern locally is that the success the Michigan craft brewers might go to their heads and they over expand!

    • cfarmand says:

      Thanks Joel,
      I had a chance to visit some of your breweries while attending a wedding in Traverse City last year, they were nice. Expanding is good when planned. However when private money jumps in, and it will, then expansion can be bad. I am finalizing back office process that I hope to market to breweries. Stage 1: Opening to 2000 BBL per year and Stage 2: 2500 to infinite BBL per year.

      • Joel Ungar says:

        I look to forward to reading more about it. Traverse City and that whole area is one of my favorite parts of Michigan.

        Flying in late Sunday afternoon to Sarasota for client work. Last time I checked Jacksonville was way far away from there.

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