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Energy Farming

Last week, I had the opportunity to hear Jim Cederna speak. The majority of Jim’s talk focused on his fundamental approach to change.
Executive Summary:

Financial Success comes from two places:
1) Ecstatic Customers
2) World Class Operations

How do you achieve those?
1) With a Plan
2) The right People
3) Productive team environment

The talk went into great details on the 3 P’s and many awesome examples were given.
Thanks Jim!

Ok, so here’s the deal. Many of you may or may not know, I struggle with the “people” part of the equation. (When I say people, I am talking about the team, not customers) Its the truth, I am not going to deny it; some people say I have a harsh(er) delivery than most. I never fluff reality; I get straight to the point. Last week my “a-ha” moment came when Jim suggested that we lead our team with strengths and surround our self with the opposite. What a simple idea!! Two Chris’s in the same office would be a challenge. This got me thinking, what are Chris Farmand’s strengths? I came up with: Caring, Charmer, Listener, Selling, Comforter, Witty, Clever, Sees the world from 30k feet, Energy cultivator.

So here it is people………..

I am a energy farmer looking to align myself with people who can process energy into RESULTS.

Can ya feel me?

ps: We are hiring :)

pss: Share your strengths below


Knowledge Management?

When I first heard the term knowledge management I thought to myself; great, one more buzz phrase to add to the list.  Static this, tacit who?  Reverse please:

I am a simple guy.  I like simple things.  I enjoy taking complex ideas and simplifying them so they can be understood.  The conversion from complex to human is an important one, because once I can understand it, the word can flow into the streets.

My research of Knowledge Management turned up a number of explanations and ideas, all being complex.  I also uncovered that knowledge management was more than a business buzz; it kinda separates the entrepreneurs from business owners.  Lets get started.

Literature on the topic usually refer to two types of knowledge: static and tacit.
Stop.  For this post the two types of knowledge I am going to talk about are: textbooks and brain mojo.  For our scholars out there, textbooks translate into static knowledge, and brain mojo translates to the ever so sexy tacit knowledge.  Textbooks and brain mojo, textbooks and brain mojo, say it with me, please

Textbooks, or static knowledge, is the information we process into knowledge from the resources all around us.  School, textbooks, IRS websites, PDF’s, magazines, white-papers, case studies etc.  This knowledge is available to anyone who wants it.  Its not a secret, it is literally what has been published for people to read and process.  Textbook knowledge is great because just like a textbook, if you forget it or need to reference it, just look it up.

Brain Mojo, or tacit knowledge, is the information that makes the world tick.  I refer to it as Brain Mojo, because unlike textbooks, someones Brain Mojo is rarely published for others use.  Even if we did a better job publishing Brain Mojo, I believe only a few could benefit from it.  Brain Mojo perpetuates entrepreneurship.   An appropriate example to illustrate someones phenomenal Brain Mojo would be the late Steve Jobs.  I have heard the critics call Mr. Jobs controlling, degrading, genius, perfectionist, among other names.  These labels Mr. Jobs accumulated throughout his career are a direct result of his Brain Mojo.  His Brain Mojo, directed, created, edited, criticized, and complemented everything that came out of Apple.  Some say he left a road map for Apple to follow for the years to come.  Let me be clear here, a road map is not Brain Mojo, so it is left to be seen if the current leader at Apple can carry on Mr. Jobs legacy.

Since textbooks are already in circulation, some say it is important to try and capture the Brain Mojo to pass on.  I am not sure it is that easy.  I understand manuals, policies, and trade secrets can be documented, but I believe the Mojo is something deeper.

Your thoughts?


Tablet-Mania, CPA style

While standing in the electronics section at Target the other day, I felt this crazy sensation come over me.  Next thing I know I was mysteriously teleported over to the tablet isle where I was faced with a daunting decision.  Target carries a number of tablets, but of the eight or so choices, the Apple Ipad 2 and the Motorola Xoom were the only two contenders for me.   Before I go any further, let me preface, I am googleite, 100%.   Their products work well, I carry an Android smart-phone, my office is heavily leveraged in Google products, and I dream about owning many shares of their expensive damn stock.
With that being said, the Ipad 2 lives up to all the hype.  I have met some innovative CPA’s who are doing amazing thing, for business, with their Ipad’s.  You may be asking, “Isn’t a tablet a tablet, what is all this talk about Apple and Motorola?”  Here is what Cliff would have told you about the topic: Apple and Motorola are like night and day.  The availability of business “tablet” apps on the Apple Ipad 2 outnumber the Motorola Xoom 470 to 1.  Given my past, and beliefs, this fact was not helping that universal pull to the cute Ipad display  Enough babbling, I bought the Motorola Xoom.
So here I am, two weeks into my purchase, ready to dispel the myth that an Android device can “run” with the Ipad for business use.
(Disclaimer: As of 8/8/11, I could find around 75 “tablet” apps in the Android marketplace.  The Apple whatchamacallit store has around 500,000 Ipad apps)

My list of tablet apps:

  1. Quickoffice Pro – This is your standard office suite.  Word, Excel, PP.  It syncs with G Docs, Dropbox and Sugarsync to name a few.  This is a must have if you are going to work on ANYTHING.  Price $14.99
  2. ezPDF Reader – So sweet pdf editor for the Andriod tablet.  Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough, Freehand, Comments.  To me, its an Adobe Pro, on the go.  Price $1.99
  3. File Manager HD – This app gives me the native windows file folder look for all my storeables.  Price: Free
  4. Evernote – Yes, I know there are a number of note taking apps out there.  I have an Evernote account and am familiar with the product…..back off.  I can take notes on the fly, record my voice, add/take picture, tag the notes……no connection needed.  Once I establish a connection, it syncs with my established account.  Price: Free
  5. Dropbox – While it is not the securest means to transfer files with customers, I use to to temporairly house files and docs while on the go.  Price: Free
  6. Google Docs – This is my lifesaver.  If a client has a gmail account, they are going to get a Google doc from me in some shape or form, I insist.  I really have more on my G Docs account then I would care for people to know.  Price: Free
  7. Webdav Nav – This is the secret weapon.  No description here, if you want to know more, contact me.  Price: $3.40.
  8. WavPlayer – I use this so I can listen to my Voicemails from our VOIP system, when they hit my inbox, not sexy, practical.  Price: $0.99

Am I forgetting anything?


R.I.P. Billable Hour

Firm of the Future, Firm of the Future, Firm of the Future.  Results are in the air!  Recently a colleague of mine (in the legal profession) presented at Ignite Law 2011.  Jay Shepherd, founder of Prefix LLC, shared in just 6-minutes, “How you will practice law in 2019.”  I learned that the billable hour was founded in 1919.  Who knew?  Jay goes into detail on how the legal profession can move away from the century old billable hour.  Pricing based on solutions is cool; old crusty time sheets are not.  If this type of TEDx learning/awareness is happening in the legal community, I see major hope for us CPA’s.   Enjoy, I know I did.


CPA Network

Back in February a really cool South Carolinian by the name of Jason Blumer shifted the focus of his personal blog from himself to create a community for new-age CPA’s. The THRIVEal Network is what he calls it. THRIVEal you ask? What the heck is a THRIVEal See for yourself

I describe it as group of like-minded professional, not afraid to challenge the status quo. The processes and metrics of the traditional CPA firm are stale and unsustainable; we have popped up on the scene to say, watch out #CHANGEISCOMING! While these process and metrics have withstood the test of time so far, technology, collaboration and creativity are a few of the attributes we are preaching. Frankly, I am stoked and honored to have joined the coolest group to hit the CPA arena.

The THRIVEal network hosts six “community calls” throughout the year. During these calls, members get together (online of course) to discuss the forefront topics of our profession. Yesterday was the second call and the topic we discussed was Value Billing. It won’t take you long browsing my attractive blog to figure out I am a bit of a Value Billing fan. I trashed my timesheet on 01/01/2010 and was happy to discover that life goes on without the dreaded timesheet. I could go on and on about how the change saved my career, made my customers happy, and made me more profitable, but I will refrain from repeating what has already been posted, so please check it out. Instead I am going to focus on what I learned from the call.

We began by talking about efficiency vs effectiveness. For the longest time, I was obsessed with being “efficient.” How can I run payroll, from start to end, with 6 clicks of the mouse, I would ask myself. Funny thing is, I would get worked up if it took me 7, 8, or 9 clicks to complete. The point here is, who cares how many clicks it takes to run the damn payroll??? After absorbing the idea that effectiveness trumps efficiency, it was clear to me that the purpose of running payroll was to pay employees, submit the taxes, and DO IT CORRECTLY. If I executed the payroll in 2 flippin clicks but forgot to pay someone…#missionfail. As a young CPA, it is easy to get caught up in the technology and forget you are responsible that someone gets dinner on the table this weekend.
Another topic we discussed was business practices that add value to your customers. A member shared that customer education was mandatory for his firm accepting that new customer. I like the idea of education, when I am educated I feel a “part of” something and not just a “part.” Anyways, who wants to stop learning? not me. I embrace learning from customers. At the end of the day we both have something to contribute to what we are working on. Just the other day I was having a multi state conversation with a customer and I was explaining states are starting to crack down on nexus issues by communicating to each other. The customer shared with me how the NYC is suing a number of the travel sites for shorting them on sales tax. My point here is I embrace learning from all sources, its cool.

Wrapping it up, I felt some lightbulbs go off during the call and I am sure others felt that way too. If I had to age myself for where I am with Value Billing, I would estimate 1.5 years old. Just a baby, but growing everyday.


Year Anniversary

This week turns 1!!!  So much has happened in the past year, I don’t know where to begin.  Lets start with: I opened my own firm, met a group of people who Have/Will shape my outlook on the accounting profession, I hired, I fired, and I have worked on the confidence to say that “I can.”  My reason for blogging was to share my experience, successes, challenges, and to connect with potentials wanting to convert from old ways.  In mid 2009, I was ready to check-out of public accounting.  I told myself there was no way I was going to do this for the rest of my life.  Most of my discouragement came from a rigid routine which I felt zero appreciation for and my environment did not breed growth; I was dying.  Through twitter, I stumbled upon an interview with Ron Baker challenging the timesheet as a viable metric in public accounting firms.  It was my “a-ha” moment.
Six months later I launched this bad-boy and the first post was a three part post on trashing the timesheet; I was ecstatic at the freedom of not tracking time and wanted to share all.  I feel it would only be fitting to celebrate this occasion with another video.  This came to me from John Shaver at Aries Technology Group.  It really needs no introduction, enjoy.



Anticipating the arrival of his new book “Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms” I had the opportunity to speak to the man himself, Ron Baker.  Ron connected with me on Twitter and we set up a phone call to catch up.  I must say the conversation brought up new energy to what I had done approximately one year ago, “trashed the timesheet.”  Since the transition, I have kinda forgotten what it was like to track my time.  During our conversation, Ron was mentioning to me some of excuses he hears all over the world, promoting the timesheet, and it was bringing back chilling memories of tracking my time.

Ron pointed me the verasage website when we began to discuss the topic of “first class” customers vs “coach” customers.  The title of the blog is “forget being effective, be efficacious”  which I ignorantly pronounced “efacious” is where he pointed me.  EFF-a-cacious is superior to effective.  So, if Spam is effective, Filet Mignon would be efficacious.  You get my point, but let me warn you that my metaphor really does not do the word justice.  What the guys at verasage are challenging the profession to do is step past being effective and deliver the client a celestial experience.  While I have not had a ton of time to think about the process, what jumps out to me is a child’s first trip to Disney World.  Having the ability to deliver a desired result, I think Walt and the gang have that down pat.  Just when I thought I had the whole client service aspect down, the folks at verasage push the bar one notch higher.  I LOVE IT.  Keep up the inspiration coming guys.


Year-end Value Chat

I wanted to document a year-end review of value billing.  In my first posts on this blog I spoke of what it was like, the transition, and what it is like now without the timesheet.  I have had more time to reflect on the true meaning of value billing and what it means to me.  If I am not creating value for a client, I don’t want their money.  When I came into the industry I was taught, find new client, bill the client, and HOPE some value was transferred.  While the word value was never used I suppose my end product; a compilation, a meeting, a tax return was that value…..I guess?  Since I have trashed the timesheet this idea of value has taken on a new meaning for me.  It begins with trust.  When I say trust, I don’t mean, “let me be the center of your financial influence.” trust.  But, “tell me your expectations, and let me try to exceed them” trust.  From trust I move to collaboration.  “Will you work with my team, to exceed those expectations?”  Lastly, acceptance.  Along with being the key to serenity, acceptance of an expectation is where a valuable client relationship should be.  Clients who get the most benefit from value billing are willing to trust, collaborate, and accept.  When the three come together, I am able to pour the value out, like gravy on Thanksgiving stuffing.
Happy Holidays

The “Royal We”

This morning I was getting my usual cup of Joe and my assistant Chrissy happened to be walking by the refreshment area.  As my Keurig® was percolating I casually mentioned to Chrissy “we” need to schedule a meeting time with my dad to finalize 2011 engagement letters and fixed price agreements this week.  She looked at me and said “by we, do you mean the ‘Royal We?’”  “Royal We?” I responded.  What is the Royal We?  She explained to me that the Queen of England would refer to decisions made as we, when all the people really know the it was a “I” decision.  Very appropriate.

I explained to Chrissy that when I used the word “we,” I meant the whole team in the office. This got me thinking. If you overheard your a team member in casual conversation with someone, would they refer to their work setting  as “we” or “they,” “us” or “them?” Does your team feel a “part of” something or just an “employee?”

The “part of” feeling is super important in retaining millennial’s.  If I am a part of something bigger and working to a collaborative goal, I am more likely to succeed.  If I feel included and needed I am willing to show up the next day fired-up and productive.  If I am a part of my workplace my loyalty will be stronger than ever.  If I am “part of” a collaborative process I will refer to my office as “we.”

In a honest game of espionage, I challenge you to see what your team would say.


Google Docs is for me! (and our clients)

We are doing super exciting things at Chris Farmand + Co these days. While we are still developing our image, our process department is hard at work. From time to time I will share how we are empowering our clients to work smarter. This week we set up a payroll client to submit timesheets using google docs. Here is how we did it.
  1. Created a new spreadsheet in google docs.
  2. Found a template that would fit our clients needs.

3. Customized the template based on our clients pay frequency.

4. Shared the doc with our client and their employee.

This process utilizes the versatility and flexibility of the cloud. Once our client realized they can view and monitor employees time via the web anytime, from anywhere, they were ecstatic. In addition to pleasing our client, we fulfilled our need to access to the data at anytime. This will cut down on client wait time or chasing a client down for their hours. It was a win-win situation. Great job team. Have a question about how google docs can improve your business process? Contact us.