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“it is what it is”

According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of the title of this post is: Used often in the business world, this incredibly resentful versatile phrase can be literally translated as “f!^* it.”
You may be asking, “Chris, why would you take the time to blog about a group of words?”

I am taking the time to profess my disgust for this phrase because it is used way too often.  When I hear someone say it, it makes my spine tingle.  It is the sorriest admission of (defeat, dislike, unrest) I have ever heard.  In my experience it is usually vomited at the end of a discussion where one party did not get what they expected.

My disdain for this phrase has a deeper layer.   For me, this is not about the words or even the above translation; for me this is about accountability and responsibility.  Too often people do not take responsibility for their actions.

  1. They waited for the warranty to expire to try and return the product.
  2. They did not speak up when the requested well-done steak came to the table rare.
  3. Expectations were not agreed upon before an engagement was started.

Responsibility is being left in the shower every morning!!!!!

The result?  A lame reaction, which happens to mirror the actions of a 3 year old when they don’t get the bubble gum at the checkout counter.

Challenge: The next time you are about to utter the phrase, ask yourself, where was I wrong in this picture?  Oh, and check your back pocket for responsibility, you may have left it in the shower this morning.

P.S.  If there is absolutely no way out of the phrase, try the Urban Dictionary literal translation, it rolls off the tongue easier.